She’s Ignoring You

She’s not ignoring you to avoid “hurting you”; to avoid “conflict;” to “keep the peace;” to leave you hanging; to string you along; to injure you or even to punish you. She’s not “busy.” Yes, it’s quite likely that she pretended not to see you, or didn’t want to.

She’s acting on reflex. Survival instinct.

Instinct, period.

You do not even figure in to her equations. You do not matter. You are not there. You aren’t even a blip on her radar screen. You are supposed to be out-of-sight, out-of-mind, even when you’re an arms length away. She’s a toddler, sticking her fingers into her ears, squeezing her eyes shut and screaming bloody murder:

“Not there! Not there!”

Hoping you’d just dissolve. She’s vengeful, enraged, powerless, cornered and self-conscious that she cannot make you dematerialize.

She’s had years of practice. It’s “nothing personal,” per se. You aren’t the first. Nor will you be the last.

She’s avoiding you because of what she doesn’t feel for you, not because of the ‘Way You Make Her Feel ™’ Remember: this is all about her. 

Gentleman, GFTOG, or whatever that acronym is.


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