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The Victim (A Haiku)

“My boyfriend beat me,”
She said with two black eyes, “Can
I come in?” Hell no.

In my White Knight days I would have thrown the door open out of sympathy.

That was then. This is now.

I was also a victim of violent crime at the hands of my mother and her Alphas (she always went back to them,) in my formative years, and a victim of sexual assault by my poor uncle in the middle of the night. I’m a man, by the way. My uncle had a head full of bad wiring because of the torture and violence that he had suffered.

I often wonder who I could have been, or what I could have done had I not become slightly mentally retarded due to a pre-birth ischemic stroke. That, combined with the torture I suffered in my earliest childhood, has caused me no shortage of loss of opportunities, alienation; disappointments  and heartache.  The only difference between me and you, #Metoo-ers, is that I don’t display a Victims Badge or out the living and the dead for spite.

Dangerous Times – Part 1

The Rational Male

We live in a very dangerous age for men. The Blue Pill is even more of a liability today than it was in times past, because we live in an era that encourages men going all-in in their life’s investment in that conditioning.

Welcome to the #MeToo era. What we’re experiencing in our social environment today is a sea change in intersexual dynamics. The underlying fundamentals haven’t changed; our evolved natures and the latent purposes that are driven by them haven’t shifted, but the social dynamics and sexual acculturation that serve as checks and balances on them has drastically shifted, and in a very short time. While you could make an argument for an idealized free love era that took place right after the Sexual Revolution, now we find ourselves in a time that is so calculating in its design on intersexual social dynamics that it makes the late…

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The War on Paternity

The Rational Male

One of the most pressing imperatives human males (really most primates) have evolved is a need for certainty in their own paternity. Up until the last century with the advent of DNA testing it has been an imperative that has really been at the control of any female with whom a man copulates with. Indeed, even today a ‘father’ is really whomever’s name a woman puts on a birth certificate, generally no questions asked (and no information relayed) of that mother by the OBGYN doctors. Prior to the Sexual Revolution and the millennia leading up to it social and religious controls were instituted to keep rampant Hypergamy in check. An argument could be made that, even in a post-agrarian social order, ubiquitous monogamy and marriage were socially mandated as a way to not only control for women’s Hypergamous impulses, but were also the only practical means of control…

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Men and Suicide

The Rational Male

Before I launch in here today I need to confess that this post has been in my drafts folder for a while now. As most of my readers are aware I’ve known two personal friends who’ve taken their own lives as a result of having their Blue Pill conditioned beliefs set them on a path to self destruction. One of the more important parts of my charter when I started writing was to reach the men who were at their wits’ end in figuring out how to deal with their personal, romantic or married lives that had until then been directed by what their Blue Pill acculturation and their understanding of intersexual dynamics were molded to be. Since I started and stopped and then restarted this topic again there have been a few recent developments in my perspective on men taking their own lives as a result of the Blue…

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